Smoke, Mist & Fumes

Smoke Collectors

Collection of industrial smoke can be accomplished in various ways. The most effective choice will depend upon the type of operation, shop layout and pollutants. Smoke filtration can be achieved by source capture arms, cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, high vacuum units and free-hanging collectors. For cigarette smoke, see our section on Commercial and Residential Air Cleaners.

Mist Collection Units

Both oil and water-soluble coolant mist generated by today's high output CNC machines is effectively collected by our new technologically advanced multi-stage progressive density coalescing filters. Filtration units may be directly mounted on a machining center or ducted to a central collection system. Specialized mist collectors are also available including: electrostatic precipitators and units equipped with Hepa after-filters. We offer solutions representing many years of applications experience.

Extractor/Collector Arms

For effective source capture of fumes, smoke, mist and dust, Clean Aire Technology offers the most user friendly collection arms with a choice of various diameters and lengths. Extractor arms are also available in stainless steel for process-critical applications such as wash downs and corrosive environments. Our high-flow, easy-maneuverability arms may also be retroactively fit to existing equipment.

Portable Air Purification System

For plug-in and multi-applications use, our widely used lines of portable air purification systems meet the needs of most customer source capture requirements for smoke, mist, dust, and vapor/odor. Our systems are compact, easily moved with our ergonomic high-flow E-Z arms in various lengths and sizes.
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