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Dust Collection

Dust Collectors
Clean Aire Technology offers dust collectors for all kinds of industrial contaminants, from fine, submicron particulate to coarse particles, from light to heavy loads. Dust collector systems available from various manufacturers include cartridge collectors, baghouse dust collectors, cyclone separators, shaker bag collectors, and portable units. In addition, CAT provides wet dust collectors for aluminum, titanium, and other potentially hazardous dust. Air may be exhausted or re-circulated for energy savings. For special applications, Clean Aire Technology offers custom-engineered dust collectors.
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Downdraft Tables
For effective source capture of dust, fumes, and smoke from sanding, grinding, and welding, Clean Aire Technology has a complete range of downdraft tables and benches with integral dust collectors. With both standard and custom units, downdraft tables and work stations are available in virtually any size and configuration to meet space constraints and provide adequate work surface space for one or more operators. Wet collector downdraft tables provide safe collection of potentially hazardous contaminants.

Dust Booths

Control booths facilitate unrestrained worker operation while providing containment and efficient collection of industrial contaminants. The integral collection system is configured as needed, depending on whether the unit is a sanding booth, grinding booth, or welding booth. Many features are available, including integral sealed lighting, sound insulation, adjustable "push-pull" regain air, crane slots, and a pneumatic dust conveyor system for heavy dust loading.

Wet Collectors
For aluminum, titanium, mixed metals, or spark generating operations that pose a risk of explosion or inflammation, Clean Aire Technology provides a complete line of wet dust collection systems. Wet dust collectors draw the contaminants directly into a water filter system, and are available as ducted collectors, downdraft benches, or dust control booths. Wet dust collectors may be equipped with an optional sludge conveyor system to facilitate contaminant disposal.

Smoke, Mist, & Fumes

Smoke Collectors
Collection of industrial smoke can be accomplished in various ways; the most effective choice will depend on the type of operation, general shop layout, and other contaminants. Smoke filtration can be achieved by source capture arms, cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, oil mist collectors, high vacuum units, and free-hanging collectors. For cigarette smoke, see our section below on Commercial and Residential Air Cleaners.
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Mist Collection Units
Both oil mist and water-soluble mist generated in industrial machining processes may be effectively collected by units with convential media and/or coalescing filters. Filtration units may be directly mounted on a machining center or ducted to a central collection system. Specialized mist collectors are also available, such as electrostatic precipitators and units equipped with hepa after-filters.
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Extractor / Collector Arms
For effective source capture of fume, smoke, mist, and dust, Clean Aire Technology offers a line of collection arms with various diameters and lengths. Extractor arms are also available in stainless steel for process-critical applications such as wash downs and corrosive environments. Our high-flow, easy-maneuverability arms may also be retroactively fitted to existing equipment.
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Air Cleaning

Industrial Air Cleaners
Clean Aire Technology provides air cleaners for a wide range of industrial processes, including welding, soldering, machining, grinding, sanding, and woodworking. Depending on the application, the filtration may be accomplished with specialized media filters, electrostatic precipitators, HEPA filters, and/or carbon adsorption units. For heavy-duty applications, free-hanging collectors with self-cleaning cartridge filters are also available. Industrial air cleaners may be employed in a controlled-circulation, ambient air cleaning system, and/or may be connected to source capture equipment.
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Commercial and Residential Air Cleaners

For Restaurants, Bars, Bingo Halls, Clubs, Bowling Alleys, Hospitals, Offices, Computer Rooms, Laboratories, Cafeterias, and Break R

ooms, Clean Aire Technology has high-efficiency air cleaning units which may be installed in the ceiling with a flush-mount design. Also available are self-contained, portable units for office and home, as well as whole-house air cleaners designed for integration in the ducting system. For the removal of tobacco smoke, odors, dust, bacteria, and viruses, Clean Aire Technology offers both electrostatic and non-electrostatic models.

Airflow Systems

Specialized Equipment

High Vacuum Systems

Industrial high vacuum systems, up to 10 HP, 500 CFM, and vacuum to 100-inches H20 provide simultaneous high-powered source capture of contaminants from multiple work stations. For welding, finish grinding, and solder applications, Clean Aire Technology supplies low noise-level, high vacuum units with self-cleaning, high-efficiency filters.
Airflow Systems

Vehicle Exhaust Systems
Clean Aire Technology supplies complete systems for the removal of harmful fumes from diesel and gas engines. For auto and truck maintenance facilities as well as firehouse needs, overhead systems are available with spring and motor operated reels, along with oversized hose reels, and a variety of other overhead exhaust solutions. Emergency vehicle exhaust systems may be equipped with a pneumatic track or rail system, a vertical stack system, or a stationary mechanical release system. Underground exhaust systems are also available.

New to the Clean Aire Technology line of top quality, innovative suppliers is Diversitech of Canada. Diversitech is a leader in bringing new technically advanced products to the market place.

The GFCM-Green Filter Cleaning Machine is a new system for cleaning all types of cylindrical cartridges from various manufacturers, extending filter life. This unique system reduces operating costs and waste stream size.

The Fume Tracker is the new, self-cleaning, self-supporting extraction arm which can follow the operator’s welding movement through arc sensors in the hood to source capture the fumes generated before they enter the workers breathing zone. It also has slip clutches to allow for easy manual positioning of the arm.